Amelco helps create and generate prices for some of the most successful sportsbook operators.

Our head office based in Queen street, Central London

Amelco was established on the back of technical and industry expertise gained from development experience building software solutions for pricing, trading and execution platforms offering electronic brokering services to the global banking sector.

Pre-Amelco key members of this development team worked for Tullet Prebon and then the financial software consultancy services provider, Rule Financial Limited.
Following several successful years at Rule Financial, Damian Walton formed Amelco, in 2006, with a team of eight developers who had worked closely with him for the previous 15 years. In 2007 Amelco successfully implemented its trading platform for William Hill in time for Wimbledon 2007 and then went onto build an enterprise sports betting trading solution that is now recognised as market leading within the industry.

In 2009 Amelco started to offer a fully managed application service providing customers with a turnkey solution from requirements through to implementation and onto support. Key deliverables for this turnkey offering include:

  • Providers of multi asset trading platforms for banking, IDB’s and betting operators
  • Bespoke solution providers for financial trading and pricing systems
  • Financial betting exchange for retail customers
  • Online sports betting and bookmaking solution
  • Workforce has grown by 500 per cent over 5 years
  • Offer a 24 by 7 production support service with 5 ring pickup
  • Expertise spanning 20 years in the financial markets across IDB, exchanges and banking

Customer and internal development roadmaps ensure the Amelco platform continues to expand and provide competitive trading solutions. More detail on the ATS (Amelco Trading System) modules and functionality can be found under Products.

A Brief History
2014 Began introducing a major newcomer to sports betting whilst leveraging their existing payment gateway and wallet / player account system

Integrated with GSI to offer over 2000 casino, gaming and lottery titles.
2013 Established a feed framework that integrates over 40 feed providers and consumers

Integrated with DataCash and Ilixium payment providers
2012 Started helping another household name to implement our ATS (Amelco Trading System) trading platform, replacing legacy systems and integrating with more 3rd parties
2011 Started working with an industry leader to implement our ATS trading platform to automate their new sportsbook which complements their sporting exchange

Full integration of straight through processing and clearing added to our financial products
2010 DayTrader financial betting product launched for fixed odds and binary bets

First sportsbook deployed
2009 Offered best of breed risk and bet acceptance module

Integrated the ATS platform to 3rd party sportsbooks

Fully interactive trading platform for credit derivatives launched
2008 Began offering trading services as a fully managed application service
2007 Trading platform built for our first betting customer providing sport's trading for in-play events

Expanded the ATS platform to cover additional sports and automating pre-match pricing

Multi-asset order management system for financial products launched
2006 Company core software libraries developed

Low latency market data feed framework launched

Amelco UK Ltd is licensed, certified and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Amelco are committed to help our customers enjoy their gaming experience in a safe and secure environment.

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