Daniel Martin

Certified Tester at Amelco since December 2014

"After many years within the travel industry it was time for a new challenge. An opportunity to apply my skills in a completely different business sector was of particular interest to me.

Meeting some of the team in the interview process gave me a good insight to Amelco as a lateral thinking organisation with a fast pace. It gave me confidence to hear that methodologies such as agile had been adopted and that there was a thirst to develop and improve within testing. Overall it felt like a good place to work and having a personal interest in sport it felt like something I could enjoy too."

The people are great and the entire team is on board in wanting to deliver a great product...

Jimena Menendez Arroyo

Front End Developer for over 3 years

"I was excited to join Amelco because sports betting was a whole new challenge for me. I was especially interested in the innovative software tools Amelco were using for trading.

The team at Amelco made me feel like I'm part of a growing company. It makes me proud to be involved and happy that I am able to contribute to its evolving success. I learn something new almost every day here, whether its optimising my current workflow or learning a new skill altogether."

I learn something new almost every day here...

Craig Budden

Trading Manager at Amelco since Jan 2015

"Knowing the industry, I had heard about Amelco and the business relationships they had built up with some of the biggest names in the industry, so the opportunity to work for a company offering software and managed services to the sports betting industry with such a reputation was a great opportunity for me.

Amelco has a good fun atmosphere. It's an environment where if you put the work in you will be rewarded, with the ability to learn about the entire business and progress in your career."

An environment where, if you put the work in you will be rewarded...

Gustavo Almagro Rojas

Certified Java Developer at Amelco for over 2 years

"I joined Amelco because I wanted to learn more about financial and sports trading. I also liked the idea of having more experience on a highly transactional, distributed, multi-threaded system.

There are many things I like about Amelco, I like the friendly people who work here and the Agile management approach we use in our team. I like the open-minded philosophy of the company, allowing us to introduce new methodologies and tools to improve our work & results."

I like the friendly people who work here and the Agile management approach we use in our team...

Careers at Amelco

We'll be attending careers' fairs across the UK during the summer and would love to see anyone interested in joining a young and vibrant technology business who aspire to be the best.

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Career Days

Come and see us at the following venues, with an exciting competition to be revealed on the day...

  • April 28th @ Bath University
  • May 5th @ Southampton University
  • May 13th @ Bristol University
  • May 27th @ Kingston University