Amelco build bespoke trading and sportsbook solutions tailored to our customers' specifications.

Sportsbook Platform

Betslip Overask Cashout Price Per Customer CMS Design Mobile

These solutions are based on a multi-tiered architecture comprising client applications built in HTML5, a server side layer written in the Java programming language and Postgres SQL database.

Moving forward Amelco's sportsbook module will be offering additional derived child products. For example...

  • All mobile and browser based front ends
  • Localisation framework
  • Content Management System
  • Price Per Channel
  • Web tier for push and streaming real-time data
  • Bet settlement engine
  • Payment integration to payment gateway
  • Wallet
  • Player account management

Customers are able to mix and match the modules that best suit their business model, for example they may want to leverage an existing investment in a CRM package and nothing else.

Under the sportsbook module Amelco will be offering additional derived child products which allows us to supply a greater range of products under a sportsbook heading. For example a customer may only need Amelco to provide a mobile application that is just providing football coupon betting while another may require a service to support VIP betting on horse racing.

Financial Betting

William Hill's use of the Day Trader product demonstrates the scope of our financial betting technology.

Financial Trading

The multi asset platform for financial trading enables banking and inter-dealer brokers to deliver value for their customers.