Our Business Model

The Amelco business model can be broken down into the following key areas
  • The licensing of the Amelco core software platform and software libraries
  • The managed application support service
  • The build phases up to and including the release to production
  • Software customisations to enable customer deliverables

All of the above can be tailored to the customer's individual requirements with the standard "off the shelf" delivery templates for licensing and services being available on request.

What we Offer

The customer can select the modules that add most value to their business requirements
  • A fully managed Application Support desk (24/7/365) which is set up for business and technical support calls as specified under the Managed Application Services tab
  • Solutions can be scaled horizontally to support an arbitrary number of sporting events or markets
  • The customer can integrate their own algorithms and analytics thereby allowing protection and maintenance of their competitive advantage and IPR
  • The customer has the flexibility to choose their own data feed suppliers and not be wholly dependent on one supplier. This allows "best of breed" feeds to be utilised across sports and markets
  • An enterprise based solution handling multiple business channels which allows new sports and data feeds to be added while providing a low latency price generating solution
  • System architecture able to implement business logic within memory and fault tolerant processes thus allowing partitioning across software processes. This approach has advantages in comparison to the more established approach whereby the sports betting software provider utilises the database for implementing business logic which then becomes a single point of failure for performance
  • The platform has no third party software and hardware infrastructure dependencies such as legacy database vendors which are very expensive and typically barriers to entry for enterprise based systems

The sportsbook platform incorporates a modular approach enabling the customer to select a best of breed approach which best suits their business requirements.

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Financial Betting

The multi asset platform for financial trading enables banking and inter-dealer brokers to deliver value for their customers.

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